...and some special patterns  featuring this most beautiful of all flowers. 

Pink Confection, Rose on a Plate 

I named this packet “Pink Confection” because that’s just what it made me think of after I’d finished painting it!  I added some new colors to my palette for this one—Permanent Rose, Winsor Red and one or two others—because I needed some really bright pigments to reproduce the beautiful colors I saw in the photo of the rose.  I was happy with it when it was finished, but the real thing was still much brighter than the one in my painting.

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Peace and Pink Peace

This piece was originally designed for a Japanese painting magazine published by Nihon Vogue. Because the off-white rose is so large and light, it creates an extremely strong interest area, but the yellow color on the center rose, though small, has enough "weight" to draw the eye to the rest of the painting.

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Lavender Rose

This design is based on the same rose as the one in the center of "Peace and Pink Peace".

The color has changed and the mixes used are simpler, making it a  good choice for an Intermediate oil painter.

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Rose Elegance

One of my favorite color schemes--I love working with reds and greens! The "models" for these roses were from an old-fashioned, fragrant bush growing next to my back porch

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Mimi's Vase

Here we see roses in a still life.This painting is quite personal as it contains many family "heirlooms"--the vase, cameo, little oval box, beads and handkerchief are all memories from my family's past. The packet contains two versions-- the one pictured to the left and a simpler version, pictured on the lower right.

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Detail of "Mimi's Vase"

"Abbreviated" version .

Charlotte's Rose

A photograph of this rose was given to me by a friend.

On the left side was a lot of visibly gray shadow--
It was fascinating painting the warms and cools, and creating the "shadow side".

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The roses pictured below are painted on fabric. DEKA Permanent Fabric Paint was the medium used. Sadly, DEKA paints have since been discontinued. A printable conversion chart is available on this site, deka conversion chart , and is also included with packets sold on this site when the instructions were written for DEKA paints.

From my book:
Timeless Designs...Victorian Images

In this photo, notice the light areas of the leaves and flowers -- these are not created with paint, but by the absence of paint -- the white of the fabric forms the light areas. This is the method I use for nearly all of my fabric painting.

The design is from my out-of-print book, Timeless Designs…Victorian Images.  Occasionally, it can be found on Ebay.

Roses Bookmarks

Enclose one of these pretty painted fabric bookmarks in a greeting card to say “you’re special”.

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Some people complain that God put thorns on roses,
While others praise him for putting roses on thorns.

I hope you've enjoyed this "closer look"!