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Various Artists
Eleven Vintage Pattern Packets
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Various ArtistsEleven Vintage Pattern Packets
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Some are written for acrylics, others for oils.  Most of the acrylics called for have been discontinued, so you'll need to convert to other brands/colors.  These packets have been stored for more than 20 years and some do look their age.  Some packets from that time are also more abbreviated than what we're used to today.  This is a treasure trove though :-).  Here is a list of the included titles and authors:
1.  Birthday Box, Rosemary West, acrylics
2.  Bavarian Mini Clocks, Scottie Foster, acrylics
3.  Granite Ware, Brenda McPeek, CDA, oils (beautiful!)
4.  Photographing Your Artwork, Connie Parkinson
5.  Rosebud & Forget-Me-Nots on Vanity Basket, Jeanine Gonzalez, CDA, Pen & Ink/Transparent Oils
6.  Heart Shelf, Renee Cook, oils
7.  Tranquil Brew, Rebecca Baer, CDA, acrylics
8.  Time For Camellias, Rebecca Baer, CDA, acrylics
9.  Roses & Butterflies Cheese Box, Mary Hegg, CDA, acrylics
10. Springtime:  Folk art birds, apple blossoms, rose buds, Mary Hegg, CDA, acrylics
11. Mocking Birds on Pigskin Memo Book, Mary Hegg, CDA, acrylics
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