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Camille Gibson, MDA
Nine Vintage Pattern Packets
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Camille Gibson, MDANine Vintage Pattern Packets
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Written for oils.  These packets have been stored for more than 30 years and do look aged.  Packets from that time are also more abbreviated than what we're used to today.  This is a treasure trove though :-).  Here is a list of the included titles:
1.  Ivory Tiger Lilies
2.  White on White
3.  Calla Lilies on a Jewelry Cabinet
4.  A Profusion of Roses
5.  Teacup with Daisies & Wildflowers
6.  Still Life:  Remembering
7.  Carrousel Rabbit
8.  Cherries on a Porcelain Pitcher
9.  Camellias and Japanese Quince
Also included are the printed materials for "Roses in Shades of Pink" and "Still Life:  Petunias", which are both missing their photos.

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