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Betty Caithness
10 Vintage Pattern Packets
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Betty Caithness10 Vintage Pattern Packets
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Written for acrylics.  I think most have been discontinued, so you'll need to convert to other brands/colors.  These packets have been stored for more than 25 years and do look aged.  Packets from that time are also more abbreviated than what we're used to today.  This is a treasure trove though :-).  Here is a list of the included titles:
1.  Williamsburg Christmas
2.  Mirror Frame
3.  Wall Clock
4.  Jacobean Necklace Cabinet
5.  Fall Pumpkin
6.  Williamsburg 4th of July
7.  Noah's Ark
8.  Porter, Fire Screen
9.  Apple Tree Cottage
10. Cupola House

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