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Large Lot, Used Brushes Lot C
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Large Lot, Used Brushes Lot C
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This is a random assortment of my own brushes, collected over many years.  Synthetic, sable, liners, short and long flats, filberts, mops, an occasional stiff bristle brush, and other miscellaneous types and sizes.  I usually clean my brushes with Murphy's Oil Soap and leave the brush "dressed" with a bit, so you may wish to rinse in water before use (though I usually didn't bother).  Instead of Murphy's, I clean mop, and other fluffy brushes, with shampoo and rinse it out well.  Condition ranges from new (never used) to slightly worn, but overall, condition is quite good.  There may be a few brushes that have worn down a bit, but I love these for "scrubby" brushes!

Note:  Not all of the brushes are shown in the close-ups.

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