Making cards from my paintings

Still making cards!  These are made with downloadable digital “frames” from Ann-Marie Vaux at CraftsUPrint (click the banner on the right).  She has scads of beautiful frames and I’ve used some to frame photo vignettes of some of my paintings.  I generally print two copies of the frame,  mount the first (the base image) onto a blank card with double-stick tape, then cut the center oval out of the second copy.  Sometimes, the second copy was cut along an outer line also if there was a design line that made that feasible.

Layer the second image onto the first dimensionally with clear silicone gel or double-stick dimensional foam pads.  It’s hard for me to leave well enough alone, so most of the cards have additional embellishments–ribbon, crystals, glitter, etc.  You can do the same with your own paintings and make a wonderful card/gift for someone special!  You can see more of these cards here.


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