Meet Peggy Stogdill

Peggy began painting in 1974 while a partner with Terry Perniciaro, CDA in a craft and gift shop in Michigan. Having no artistic background and no desire to paint, she took her first classes (resisting all the way!) in order to be more informed about the painting supplies being sold in the shop. "Amazing how your life can take a new turn," says Peggy, who has been painting, learning, and teaching ever since.

Peggy received her Master Decorative Artist designation from the Society of Decorative Painters in 1989 and is an honorary recipient of the 1-Kyu Certification from the Nihon Tole Painting Association in Japan. She has served numerous times as a judge for both programs.

An oil painter, who also specializes in heirloom-quality fabric painting, Peggy has taught throughout North American and in Japan, and Taiwan.  She has recently retired from most travel-teaching, however, to spend more time with her family and concentrate on painting and publishing.

Peggy has written two fabric painting books, numerous magazine articles, and publishes a line of design packets for both oil and fabric painting. Her work has been featured in "The Best of Decorative Painting", published by North Light, "The Art of Tole Painting", Vol. 2, published by Graphic-sha, Japan, and other Decorative Painting anthologies including several publications from the Decorative Arts Collection.

Flowers and Still Life are her favorite subject matter.

Peggy and her husband, Bob, live in northern Indiana.

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